After 10 years, Australian Gill Hicks who’s lost both her legs in a suicide bombing attack on a London train, gave Emma Alberici (ABC Lateline) a chance to talk to her and share why she’s devoted her whole life to working for peace. Hicks is actually the current Ambassador for Peace in Australia.

Inspirational interview with Gill Hicks

For the commemoration of the 10th year anniversary of the London Train bombing where a 19 year old boy blew himself to bits that killed 28 other passengers, Gill Hicks is currently doing 10 physical challenges. The first challenge that she did was climbing through the wall of the London Hospital where she and the other survivors were admitted.

When asked about how she’s been doing she said, “Great, I’m very lucky to be here. Though I’m actually feeling positive anger.” When asked what she truly meant, she said that it’s not really easy to have no legs. She said that it’s not okay to have no legs, and it’s not okay for everybody. That’s why she thinks that she needs to do something for others.

Letting her recall her most remarkable memory during the incident, instead of frowning, she smiled when she gave Emma the answer. She said she can remember rescuers holding her head and making her feel safe. It made her see humanity and unconditional love. She even talked about this young officer who held her hand all throughout the rescue and it made her feel more alive.

She even told Emma that she actually heard death, disguised in a very beautiful voice, telling her to look at herself and what she’s going to do to her life now that she’s lost both limbs. But then Hicks chose life who told her that she has free choice. And she’d made the right choice.

When asked about her opinion towards terrorism, she said that we should be more understanding and that we should stop all those destructive ideologies that keep on poisoning the minds of our people. She said we need to look back to the past to know how to prevent it and look for the cure.

After her interview, she’s just shown to everyone that there’s still hope for the humanity.

Watch full interview with Gill Hicks by Emma Alberici on ABC Lateline.