With so many daily activities conducted online in this digital era, the awareness of cyber security has become more important than ever!

Cybercrime is rising fast with both individuals and businesses victimized by cybercriminals on a daily basis.

It is the lack of awareness which makes most people the targets for Cybercrime. Taking the time to learn how to stay secure in your daily digital life is an important step to protecting your business and yourself.

Almost every business has a blog, a website or even systems exposed to the internet, which could provide access to hackers.  A successful or badly handled cyber attack can cause a business substantial financial and reputational damage.

Businesses need to prepare for attacks and have a plan in place to mitigate the threat before it causes catastrophic disruption or loss of data.

The course includes cyber-security evolution and key challenges for individuals and businesses.

The entire series consists of 3 sessions which cover;

1. Basics of cybersecurity
2. Security threats and breaches
3. Career paths and opportunities in cybersecurity

Level of cybersecurity knowledge required: Low

The video series is available at no cost and both the videos and slides are free to download.

More details and downloads at https://www.netacad.com/careers/webinars/opportunities-in-tech/cybersecurity-webinar-series