About Paul Woods – delivering ICT solutions

I deliver scaled Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and meticulous project management for clients and businesses.

For TAFE Digital I deliver;

  1. server administration of the TAFENOW student development environment (both web server and virtual) at the  Coffs Harbour Education Campus (CHEC).
  2. upgrade of TAFENOW virtual server configuration including replacement of old hardware.
  3. for TAFE Digital online teaching and marking of Certificate 2, 3, 4 and Diploma level information technology subjects.
  4. content expert unit reviewer for competency validation for the unit Install, configure and test an internet protocol network.

For medium sized business I am delivering;

  1. increased staff productivity ensuring the desktop environment is robust, available and centrally managed.
  2. introduction of business-grade video conferencing as an eHealth solution which allowed for multi-site communications between medical professionals, nurses and patients.
  3. introduction of the latest IP phone system allowing multi-site communications, better use, increase staff productivity and substantial cost savings for the organisation.
  4. introduction of the latest cloud technology with Office 365 and better internal staff communications with Lync and Yammer.
  5. upgrade of ageing fleet of desktop hardware to compact, low cable, high-performance Dell Optiplex All-in-Ones (AIO).
  6. introduction of virtual server technology providing better performance, greater staff productivity through terminal server technology and increased security through a controlled desktop environment.

Previously working for Southern Cross University I delivered;

  1. efficient, friendly and diligent desktop support for all staff and students of the Coffs Harbour Education Campus (via remote tools and in person visits).
  2. complex network and printer support.
  3. active directory management and group policy design.
  4. desktop imaging and installation.
  5. teaching and research server purchase and virtualisation of multiple server operating systems.
  6. accurate administration tasks such as asset registry updates, leased asset management, Adobe software license administration, secure computer asset decommissioning and practical knowledge and adherence to OH&S laws.
  7. database administration services for the Universities fleet of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.

For small business I am delivering (via the WoodsIT Web Hosting business);

  1. efficient, value for money, set and forget backup solution using LAN connected NAS.
  2. very fast websites using Google Cloud Australian based web servers.
  3. increased email reliablity using Google G-Suite buisness grade services.
  4. remote desktop support via remote tools and phone to provide on timely support.